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The Turntracker (Labyrinth Lord™) $3.00 $0.00
Publisher: Faster Monkey Games
by Mark J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/23/2010 11:45:18

A very handy little tool. Basically a small wheel disc that revolves atop a larger wheel disc. The larger wheel disc has sections on it pertaining to the length of time it takes for torches and lanterns (items which up to now have been flagrantly abused by my group) to expire. There's also an indicator of when to check for wandering monsters. It may have taken 25+ years of blood sweat toil and tears, but I can't wait to see the look on my players' faces when they realise their DM has finally caught up with them! "Yup, your last torch just fizzled out...and it's dark...". I'm already thinking of ways to customise it, as I can see the various symbols easily being substituted to record other such variables such as poisons, potions, wound bleeds etc. Very pleased.

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The Turntracker (Labyrinth Lord™)
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