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F-210 Phoenix $3.99
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Colin M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/03/2010 13:01:31

This is a lovely paper kit and I had great fun making it. It requires some basic materials, but nothing unreasonable and offers a few options to the purchaser (3 sets of markings and with or without landing gear). The manuals are clear and well written and the finished model robust and attractive. It also comes with 5 landing bay tiles and an access ladder, which is useful for putting it into 'dioramas'.

The big downsides are the limited potential to make use of this pleasant model and some slight issues with assembling it. The primary assembly issue is the size and weight of the wings. They would probably benefit from having some internal bracing. They're also quite tricky to fit because of their large size and small contact area. Another niggle is that this is one of the more poor manuals from Fat Dragon. They could really improve the clarity a bit and there are no instructions for the ladders.

It's lost a point for these 'niggles', but otherwise it's a great kit.

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F-210 Phoenix
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