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Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion $0.00
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Mark M. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/04/2010 17:57:32

The Super Powers Companion is a nice, quick read that is basically 2.0 of the Necessary Evil sourcebook, featuring new rules and some new and modified powers. If you want to play a superheroes game but don’t care about the background of the Necessary Evil setting, this is the way to go. Some powers are expanded upon, while others are changed a bit. There’s also some nice new rules for lairs, which make Professor X look like he spent a lot of edges to get the X-Mansion up to the level it is now. The lairs are an awesome addition to the game. One really nifty thing they added was the ability to tweak how many power points you get to spend on powers based on how powerful you want your heroes. It’s just as easy to take a drawback to make another hero not have as many points to spend on powers so they can play the sidekick role if they want. There’s also a ton of new villains, fully fleshed out with all kinds of powers to fight your heroes.

[5 of 5 Stars!]