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Advanced Class: Sorcerer — Aberrant Blood $1.50
Publisher: Silent7Seven Games
by Dennis P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/10/2010 21:49:19

I really like the idea of the aberrant blood sorcerer. It has some interesting ideas. Manifesting only under some conditions is a nice setup. The conditions don't seem like they would always come up and might end too quickly although I haven't played with them yet. I was disappointed to see only the only level 1 power is an at-will. The level 3 powers can only be used when manifesting a particular aberrant growth. I could see that being problematic for example you manifest coiling tentacles when first bloodied but get hit with a melee attack before your turn ending the manifestation. Similarly a well timed stun could prevent you from using the encounter power before the manifestation ends.

The higher level spells level 5 and 9 look interesting. To fill out some of the other power levels they include upgrade options to make the lower level spells into higher level ones. I'd like to see more variety in powers and covering every level but I understand the limitations of the small book.

The twisted descendant's attack 11 power seem to do more damage than most other powers of that level.

There is only one image. I don't particularly care for it myself.

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Advanced Class: Sorcerer — Aberrant Blood
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