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Rise Of a Legend Issue #2 $3.00
Publisher: Day Dreamer Interactive
by Christopher W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/22/2010 14:09:09

It's nice to see a developer take an idea and run with it like this issue has done. Here, we have the continuation of the story from issue #1 with many different threads for the entire month.

Here, those choices manifest themselves in interesting ways. There are many possible ways to work through the month and honestly if you play through it multiple times, things will obviously change.

One issue with this ROL and the others in the series is the duplication of matches and some threads seem to not have been given a lot of energy to. I find this especially in some of the face storylines where things just seem a bit tepid from a writers perspective. I don't find an issue with the heel threads however for the most part.

I think writing something like this and continuing a story through multiple books is a great thing and DDI deserves a lot of credit for doing it. Buy this book if you picked up ROL #1 and if you haven't picked up ROL #1, why haven't you yet???

Get to it!

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Rise Of a Legend Issue #2
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