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Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting (PFRPG) $1.95 $1.46
Publisher: LPJ Design
by Ben G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/07/2010 09:48:19

One day everything is fine and the next, your day, life and your entire world are ruined by a vast meteorite with necrotic powers. Sound familiar? No? Excellent - because that's the core setting behind Obsidian Twilight, a Pathfinder campaign setting you'll very much enjoy if you like these kind of things.

Obsidian Twilight is literally a twilight world. Thanks to that aforementioned meteorite, there is no day, no night, simply twilight. There are also lots and lots of undead causing the kind of general havoc you'd expect them to cause.

This campaign setting offers 8 new player races and a large number of new feats, spells, prestige classes and creatures.

The 8 new races are interesting and I think well designed for this world/campaign setting. Having said that though, they do seem a bit overpowered. I wouldn't be comfortable introducing them in to a non-Obsidian Twilight campaign. Overpowered or not, they're interesting as all get out and while the standard races are available for play, they seem boring in comparison.

The new feats, spells, monsters and other additions mesh very well with each other and the new races for what will be a dynamic setting. It will be up to the GM to create the adventures using just this book but with a little bit of reading and a dash of imagination I can see a serious and lengthy campaign built within it.

Artwork and layout are all very good. Your eyes will enjoy this book as you page through it. Additionally this 168 page PDF is bookmarked, for which I thank the authors! I did notice a number of spelling mistakes which were a bit of a distraction but certainly not a deal breaker.

Overall the campaign and setting is good for those who love to power game. It's a high powered setting in a deadly world. If you're more in to lower magic settings or worlds with a bit more subtlety this may grate on you a bit. If you're open to a fast, large power campaign then jump right in!

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Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting (PFRPG)
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