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Counter Collection Digital v3.0 Heroic 2 Expansion $22.95 $7.00
Publisher: Fiery Dragon
by Joe K. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/17/2010 15:02:21

The benefits of counters are many compared to miniatures. When you have Fiery Dragon producing specific counters based on the worlds most popular role playing game, and some of those newest monsters, it allows the GM some quick prep time in printing the miniatures that are needed out.

Minor grips would be the wide amount of reused art here. While using the old jpeg reader and advancing foward, you can quickly tell that when it comes to the same monster type, many of the images are flipped or recolored to 'create' a new monster. Given the low price for the product, it's still worth it to have the ability to print out as many kenku as you may need for example.

The jpeg bit at first could be a problem if you don't download the Fiery Dragon PDF that prompts you for the images you want to print. By opening up that PDF and making sure you've got the jpeg's all extracted though, you can quickly print out the exact monsters you need. It is a very handy solution to how do you get the monsters you need and in that aspect, is a better deal for those who don't want to print out whole pages as you may have to do with the PDF.

Fiery Dragon's artist should be well known to those looking for miniature substitutes. He uses a clear crisp style with solid coloring choices to make the miniatures stand out. For those whove never used these before, they have free samples, one of them even for the first adventure in 4e's adventure line.

If you are tired of looking for metal or of carrying metal, this collection is a good step in providing the exact monster at the exact time its needed.

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Counter Collection Digital v3.0 Heroic 2 Expansion
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