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API Demon Codex: Lochs 1st Edition
$19.99 $9.99
Publisher: Third Eye Games
by Mark G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/21/2010 08:43:51

API Demon Codex: Lochs is a supplement for Third Eye Games’ supernatural secret agent game Apocalypse Prevention Inc. (API). It retails for $9.99 and clocks in at about 85 virtual pages from Rpgnow.

This large book is divided into four chapters and two adventures. The first chapter details the rise can fall of the creatures known to API as Lochs. This chapter details the history of this race and of their home dimension of Domainya. It describes their many bloody conquests, including their eventual defeat, sterilization and exile. This material expands on the details provided in main API book. It also provides a broad overview of the Lochs’ home dimension as well as API’s involvement in the reclamation of that dimension from the Lochs, Scryers and Linx.

The second chapter details the Lochs arrival on Earth from Domainya. They integration into our world and into the Apocalypse Prevention Inc. It discusses attempts to remove the effects of the contagion by API scientist as well as exposure to the demons known as carriers. It discusses the uncomfortable topic of crossbreeding humans with loch and the unfortunates deaths that always result from such unions. The undersea bases of API are discussed as well as the role of those stations and their crew in the preservation in human existence. The Lochs uneasy relationships with other undersea races with the Ondines being of particular important because the Lochs hope to conquer these natural residents to ensure their own survival until the contagion and be defeated.

The third chapter is probably my favourite chapter because it is focused on organizations related to the Loch and APIs interactions with these organizations. By far this chapter seems to be a “and here are some things you can do with the Lochs as allies and opponents” sort of chapter. It details aquatic alchemists – their distasteful practices and strange magic, Deep Green – a large corporation guilty of polluting the world’s oceans and now focused on ridding the world or the loch menace, lost tribes of loch that were isolated and split from the main group of refugees, the hooks – large lochs with a knack from solving mysteries and uncovering conspiracies, the Hope Foundation that works in relative secrecy to try to find more effective methods of human/loch interbreeding programs, the Red Steps – a subversive group of lochs that are working on killing and making humanity into sausage and jerky, and finally the colony of Superior City – a disputed Ondine/Loch location that is the home of the god Poseidon’s trident. This section of the book is filled with adventure hooks and campaign ideas to keep GMs busy for a long time. I think that Deep Green, the Hope Foundation and Red Steps are my favourites.

The four major chapter is the crunchy bit of this supplement. It contains roleplaying advice for players wishing to play loch characters as well as new passions, gifts, drawbacks and equipment for loch and other API employees with a focus on aquatic adventures. There is a host of aquatic alchemy items should an API character possess the necessary gift to craft them and the stomach to complete the rituals necessary. Closing out the chapter are a number of aquatic themed antagonists for both the earth dimension and for Domainya. Each of the major races (except lochs) is detailed with origin, appearance, lifestyle, gifts, drawbacks and specific Npc as well. It would have been nice to have sample NPCs for the organizations as well such as Deep Green, Red Steps and the Hope foundation.

The book closes with two sample adventures. The first is Deep Run the Tunnels and involves the API agents traveling to the home dimension of the lochs known as domainya in search of a missing agent and potentially a naturally pregnant loch. The second called Jaws Snapping in the Dark has the API agents tracking down and dispatching a number of poorly cloned feral lochs. Both adventures should provide agents with a night or two of investigation and adventure.

The Demon Codex: Loch is a excellent book for expanding the player character race options in your home games as well as providing GMs with a wealth of ideas for bringing lochs more prominently into your campaign.

(Cross-posted on the DM Sketchpad July 19th)

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API Demon Codex: Lochs 1st Edition
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