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Publisher: Alluria Publishing
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/21/2010 14:13:38

My wife was the person who turned me on to how cool fey can be. Before I assumed fey were dainty little creatures that danced and frolicked and through occasional bacchanals. I discovered that a good many are borderline psychotic creatures that should always rival the most devious in the D&D universe.

Alluria Publishing's Clans of the Fey, originally released as a 4th edition supplement, makes its way pathfinder. It is just as amazing, creative and vicious a bestiary as its counterpart. If you like fey or just want a different kind of creature, to mix it up with your PCs, the Fey Folio is hands down the best bestiary out there for the Pathfinder system.

The artwork, ingenuity and writing in the 27 page Fey Folio is top notch. So much so you would assume that Alluria was a big time publisher. Each of the 13 creatures given two to three pages to absolutely shine. I have seen a many fey renditions of creatures, none more explosive as the ones here. The artwork jumps off the pages, escapes the pages and smacks you into appreciation.

The writing is concise and descriptive. It gives a lot of credit to the fables and folklore these creatures are based on. The abilities really play off of the unpredictability that fey are known for.

For the Dungeon Master My new favorite fey is the Jack-in-Irons. I once saw a rendition of it in another book, and it just felt like a giant with the fey descriptor. Fey Folio turns him into a god and a great antagonist for a campaign.

The Iron Word If fey are going to make any appearance in your campaign, Fey Folio, Clans of the Fey is a great supplement to help fill in the gaps. More than just creature of the weeks, they can be used to really push a campaign world.

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Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey
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