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Armories, Blacksmithies, & Other Craftsman Places (City Builder Volume 2) $1.99
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by Martin M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/14/2011 12:13:13

“Craftsman Places” is the second of eleven parts of the City Builder series. While standard items can be bought in shops, sometimes the characters will need something of special quality or special design or not commonly found in the area. (There is a difference between “some sword” and the named personal one forged from star metal by the dwarven master smith. The same holds true for ill-fitting rags from some shop and the tailor-made gown. You really should not wear the first one at the duke’s ball.) Therefore this gives the possibility for some role play aside from hack & slash. The GM is provided with (system independent) descriptions of armouries, arsenals, blacksmithies, clothiers, and jewellers (probably the most common craftsmen visited by adventurers). The descriptions do not include detailed lists of items sold in the shops, but those would be very different depending on your setting. There is always included one or two adventure hooks for every described place. Because this e-Book covers only a part of the City life and because getting the whole series in one compilation is cheaper, you are probably better served by getting that one instead. In the second chapter of the compilation additionally Carpenter’s Workshop, Glassmaker, Leatherworker, Sculptor, Stonemason are contained. (Thus the rating is given partly in regard of the second chapter of the series when used together with the other parts of the series.)

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Armories, Blacksmithies, & Other Craftsman Places (City Builder Volume 2)
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