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The Keep 1.0 - Personal Information Manager for Gamers $0.00
Publisher: NBOS Software
by Darren M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/01/2010 06:05:10

Hi all,

Having used my laptop at the table for a long time I was interested in seeing what this produce could do for me. I am glad I did. It is basically a data base thus allowing you to coordinate all the games data you have on the laptop. Could you do it with out it ? Yes, does it make it easer? definitely.

The learning curve is not to steep. I am using savage worlds so I set up a section for the basic savage would rules and another for our current campaign war of the dead. It should be easy to add other section for each new campaign.

Now it can take some time to set up you basic system section due to the amount of data etc but it worth it. tables that are spread throughout the book can all be together were they needed either though using print screen and paint to cut and paste then directly into the section or by using the keeps hyper link function that lets you view a PDF directly inside The Keep AND will take you right to the correct page you need to go to.

I bought the Keep on a Monday and was using it in our regular game on Saturday. Every thing went smoothly. All in all I am very happy that I bought this product and recommend it to any GM that uses a Lap top at the gaming table.



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The Keep 1.0 - Personal Information Manager for Gamers
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