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VIKINGS (rpg) $9.95
Publisher: The Le Games
by Spencer H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/15/2010 00:56:05

I have only come back to gaming after a 10-year break, but having downloaded several products from RPGNow I am pretty impressed with this product.

It pretty much has everything needed to run a Viking-centered campaign, either historical or more mythological. There are 6 new character classes, a runic magic system, lots of animals and monsters, and an extensive amount of background on the mythology and history of Scandinavia during the Viking age. (This last is perhaps not surprising as it was written by a Scandinavian gamer.)

I have not read all of it yet as it is some 230 pages long, and it is dense with information.

There is also a good amount of artwork in it, which nicely matches the subject matter.

The one minor bump is that the product is 15 separate PDF files. I would have found it convenient to have a table of contents page with hyperlinks to the various sections, but that is a very minor annoyance compared to the overall quality of the content.

I got this product to add some Viking elements to my "Post-Roman" / Dark Ages setting I am working on, but some part of me is tempted to run a Viking scenario from the inspiration this product has given me.

[5 of 5 Stars!]