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Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey $6.25 $5.25
Publisher: Alluria Publishing
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/15/2010 13:11:40

I've never been a large fan of fey creatures, largely because the treatment they get in the core fantasy books is often weak and without that specialness that attracts or appeals to many GMs. As a result, many publishers have brought out various books on the fey in an attempt to do them justice, and I have to say that Alluria Publishing's Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey is hands down the best treatment for fey I've yet seen on the market. This product shines - it's got fantastic production values, with mind-blowing art, and vivid and descriptive writing that leaps out of the page. But that's not all - the creativeness behind the design and implementation of the mechanics, and the unique and novel background material are top quality. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this book - if you're looking for a book on fey creatures you can look no further than this product.

The product details 13 different kinds of fey, and gives them the royal treatment by allocating enough page space and descriptive/background material to make each creature unique. I was very impressed by the ingenuity and handling of the fey - as twisted and dark creatures that aren't entirely evil. The fey creatures just leap out of the page and scream to be used. The interaction and hierarchy between the fey creatures creates a novel and interesting culture of fey creatures, complete with the dark and malevolent lord of the Fey, Jack-In-Irons. The product even includes an interesting campaign that builds on the material presented, and one that I suspect many GMs will itch to run as is, or with some minor modification. I thought the special abilities and attacks that the fey creatures had were fabulous, really integrating neatly and elegantly with the fey creature's personality and background. On top of that, the product also includes a handful of fey related magical items. Overall, it's hard to beat a product like this - excellent all round.

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Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey
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