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T4 Annililik Run
Publisher: Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)
por Sean M. Fecha en que fue añadido: 10/03/05 03:18:56

This is actually a collection of three different adventures. The first one is fantastic and throws all kinds of different characters and situations at the PCs as they dock at different ports unloading "Children's Clay". The NPCs are very fleshed out. It balances action with role-playing.

The second adventure seems to just torment the players on a "cursed starship". I think you would need to make this adventure shorter for the players not to get completely frustrated. Most of the characters are very fleshed out, but they are somewhat unnecessary to the plot. Still it was enjoyable reading all the ways the ship's computer system torments the crew.

The third adventure has some interesting characters, but is otherwise just a dungeon crawl.

The book has a cinematic style and just makes up new aliens and weapons that are not really part of the Traveler universe. In most cases this style works well as it gives a sense of freewheeling adventure. If this bothers you it would easy to substitute alien races/weapons/etc for some Vargar/laser pistols/etc. If you like spending money on books filled with hexadecimal codes then this book is not for you.

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T4 Annililik Run
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