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Counter Collection Digital v3.0 Paragon 2 Expansion $8.00 $6.40
Publisher: Fiery Dragon
by Erathoniel W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/04/2010 20:37:25

I like reviewing art. I've probably said that before. But it's something I can do relatively competently, so I jump at the chance to review anything like this: Art that I can print and use in a game.

Ultimately, the quality is top-notch. Each counter will print out at high-definition 2x2 inches, but you could probably move it up to 4 without noticing (600x600, @ 300 dpi, so if you wanna print 'em at anything but 2, use the pdf's included, or be sure to specify a size).

The images are nice and high-detail. Ultimately, I feel that they'd look better than a lot of miniatures I've seen, and the ability to reprint one is always nice (admit it, everyone you know has pieces broken off of at least 1 mini).

Plus, the basic images are here, so if you wanted to use it for MapTool or similar (You might want to check on licensing, you may not be able to use these in any setting with streaming, even if it is to the same people who would see 'em on your table if they came over. The official site is lacking on terms of use, so it might be better to play it safe).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, if you need some counters, the only thing about these that isn't absolutely perfect is the selection and price. You'd get a lot compared to some other products, but if you can't find what you're looking for here (and there is a broad selection, though not necessarily of what you'd need, so you may want to check the preview first and see if they have what you need). You can probably find something from your campaign, though, from Archon to Wolf, even if it requires a little improv.

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Counter Collection Digital v3.0 Paragon 2 Expansion
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