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650 Fantasy City Encounter Seeds & Hooks $0.00
by Lee B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/09/2010 13:22:45

Any GM who's written their own adventures knows that it is a lot harder to write an engaging evening's play in a city than it is to have the players merrily romp around a wilderness, poking around ruins and lairs. For those of you out there who share my pain, this FREE download is just what you need. I have given this 5 stars, but not because all of the seeds and hooks are of the same standard (admittedly, some are a bit ropey and cliched...), but because even if you discount half of them and use 10 different ones of the remainder in each urban adventure you write, you will still have produced 16 amazing adventures. Even after just glancing through this download, a number of the plot hooks started churning and combining in my brain to form some pretty novel and challenging adventures. Now that I've read through the whole thing, I want to stop writing this review and start writing my next adventure...

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