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Bold Costumes, Black Hearts $8.95
Publisher: Cryptosnark Games
by Chris J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/08/2004 00:00:00

Oooh this is good. This is very, very good. I don't play Deeds Not Words, but another D20 Superhero game instead, and I got this as inspiration for character concepts rather than for game stats. After a quick scan through the stat blocks I think most characters should port over quite easily. The first 12 pages are general advice about creating and using supervillains, including three pages of quotes and quips for villains to use. This is great idea to help brighten up those evil mastermind monologues with a few choice quotes from Neitzsche. There's also a table of adventure ideas - these are basically one-liners to spark ideas which the GM will need to flesh out. Ten pages of DnW specific crunchy-bits follows, Villain-only complications and classes. Can't comment on these as I don't know the game. The next section covers ten archetypal characters in great detail, providing game stats for each at several different power levels. Again I can't comment on the game stats, but the author definitely has a good eye for comic book tropes. Next we have five pregenerated villain teams each with their own theme and power level (I particularly like the gother-than-thou "Nocturne" and the golden-age "Midnight League". The next forty or so pages briefly detail fifty-two villains ranging in power level from small-time crook to Apocalyptic doomsday device. Full game stats are given, but there are no pictures for these characters (the teams and the archetypes are illustrated) and the character background is limited to a quarter page including a quote, origin story and modus-operandi. It's enough to give you a handle on the character and a good basis for fleshing out. Finally we have the Random Goon Maker, and the Random Ninja Maker. These are basically sets of tables to randomly generate a villain's minions. It's a nice idea, to add a little variety to the faceless hordes. Appearance wise, the layout is solid and clear, if a little uninspiring. It's in Landscape and optimised for the screen, but prints out clearly. If you're looking for inspiration for supervillain characters,(for any ruleset, but especially for a d20 based game), then I'd recommend Bold Costumes, Black Hearts.

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Bold Costumes, Black Hearts
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