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Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/29/2010 12:32:42

Dungeon Masters do not 100% trust players. It is the reason so many of the great DMs call for random character sheet checks and ask for rolls in the open. We were players once. We know that sometimes you get so caught up in the game aspect you forget to subtract that fear penalty or neglect to think about that +13 Wis requirement for that feat.

Achievement Feats is a cool idea that looses its firepower in the hands of the the wrong group. It begins off the back by asking Dungeon Master’s to trust the player. I do not know of a single Dungeon Master who can read that and not think “one or two of players will not be able to use this book”.

Achievement Feats are feats selected by players, but they do not receive the feat until the player performs a specific achievement. The achievements are not all that powered and as is, the system is a little difficult to pull off without some serious manipulation. You can tell that the inspiration for the feats came from the traditional Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. In those games, there are many quests where players have to kill something a certain number of times or get the same object multiple times. However, they come off as too mechanical. Either the player is going to track these stats and ask the DM after every kill what the general statistics are, or the Dungeon Master is going to have more record keeping to do.

The feats are very creative in their relationship to what triggered them. And there are 50 of them to choose in the 10 page supplement.

For the Dungeon Master This is not a players supplement, despite the advertising. Once I fidgeted with the system a bit, I found it to be a fun little add on for a campaign. Select 5 to 10 of the feats for your current campaign and track those stats for the whole party (you can try to track them for each player but that is more record keeping than I want to add on. When the party hits the number, they each get a use of that feat for that combat. Another way you can do it is to have each player select an achievement feat. This is their “special move” and activates only after they have triggered the number.

The Iron Words Great example of a neat idea hampered by trying to contain it within the current system instead of branching it out into its own system like it deserves. Following the above suggestion, you will get a lot of use out of Feat Achievements as a permanent addon to your campaign.

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[PFRPG] Achievement Feats
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