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Maiden's Preyer
Maiden's Preyer
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Monster Brief: Dragons $1.99
Publisher: Misfit Studios
by Shotgun G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/01/2010 02:19:19

Dragon's - mythical flying creatures found in many cultures and in many forms. Said to cause fear and terror, used in symbology as a sign of power or strength. So why does one (Arcane Dragon), look like an over-sized Greyhound dog?

The imagery seems a little disjointed, against the awe inspiring stats that are enclosed in the file. Having played SW's, their is no doubting the lethality of these beasts. Ignore the images, just stick to the stats on this one; which will provide you with some great adversaries for your high level adventures. I really like the Smoke Dragon, playful; yet whimsicle in nature. The Sand Dragon could be a nice plot hook, sending the party off to steal some magical artifact for its collection (or be eaten!).

The Arcane Dragon, well best to not even meet that one; if you can. A possible plot hook for the Arcane Dragon, would be seeking knowledge. Can the party persuade the Arcane Dragon to help in their adventure, or will it just teleport them away.

Fairly good suppliment, but for this reviewer; lacking in the awesome imagery that dragons should inspire.

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Monster Brief: Dragons
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