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DG 4 :Falling Behind MP3 $0.50
Publisher: V Shane
by John W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/05/2004 00:00:00

As a musician, I was disappointed with this one. I could do better in a couple of hours with Cakewalk and my own keyboard. The off-rhythm elements seem random and haphazard. It really doesn't inspire me at all except maybe to take a nap. I would purchase the D&D soundtrack or download the Diablo 2 soundtrack for free before purchasing more of this line.

People into ultra-ambient tracks might like it - as long as you're not actually listening to the music at all.

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Creator Reply:
First off, everyone is certainly entitled to thier own perspective. However, I do find it out of context you use your comment as way to glorify your own talents just short of leaving a web link. It also appears the majority posters enjoy the music, are you saying they have no taste? I create music for people to enjoy, not musicians to critique. I don't create my brand of experimental music to be accepted by my "peers". I certainly wouldn't go around leaving coments on other artists products that I could do better with Painter, Photoshop or traditional mediums. Especially advertising others products as an alternative. Here you create more of an insult to yourself as you apparently show no respect for a fellow musician (been playing and recording off and for over 10 years) and seek to lift yourself and put me down.
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DG 4 :Falling Behind MP3
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