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Horrors of the GOW (PFRPG) Pay What You Want
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/29/2010 09:46:47

2010 Halloween Review

Context can be quite critical with roleplaying games’ material. Particularly if you are presenting a themed book of cretins. It is dire for the reader to know what the overall theme is in order to fully utilize the monsters. Context is the major reason why Horrors of GOW just does not become more than just a collection of far out creatures that sound good, but are presented in a fairly uninteresting manner.

Horrors of GOW is 2 PDFs, one of the PDFs is compiled of horror-related rpg material and the other attempts to explain the eerie connection of the monsters. It is a collection of undead creatures for Pathfinder, from a campaign setting called “GOW”. However, reading through the document nothing makes sense about this land. Instead of just going for a simple bestiary, the book is filtered throughout with things like spells, haunts and magic weapons. This makes for a difficult read as you try to navigate. Add to that the fact that GOW is never explained and it makes the material even more frustrating.

Compiling to the poor layout editing the short 28-pages is plainly laid out with photographs instead of artwork, and only a hand full of the entries have these photographs. In most cases, the photographs do little to reflect the creature or page it is presented on. Someone should have told the editor that you just can not present a bestiary without art.

It’s a poor presentation that does injustice to some really cool material and ideas scattered throughout the book.

For the Player I was not impressed with Paizo’s alchemist class. Thankfully, the Master of Life adds some beef to class giving it powers for short term reanimation of the dead. If you like the idea of playing a necromancer, and your DM does not, this is a nice compromise. Another thing you may want to sneak into your game is the Reaper’s Scythe. It is about as find a leveling weapon as you will find.

For the Dungeon Master The black-suited man (such a bad name for a cool character build), is a very gruesome character that looses limbs in the middle of combat. There’s a really haunting idea for how to run Halloween in your games that feels original and fresh. The book also takes modern day on things like scarecrows and ghosts that translate to fresh takes on undead.

The Iron Word If you can set aside layout miscues abound, you find a horror fan’s creation of material for Pathfinder that will add a bit of creep to your campaign.

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Horrors of the GOW (PFRPG)
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