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Hard Boiled - Church and Funeral Documents $4.73
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/26/2010 00:54:23

This supplement provides a number of useful documents for your early 20th Century RPG. Documents range from marriage certificates and baptismal certificates to notices of funerals and events. The only problem is that the way the docs were built renders about a third of them useful for only one scenario -- given that names are permanently in place. While it may be possible to work around that, it shouldn't be necessary for the purchaser to go to that much extra trouble for each time he wants to use the documents. Even the ones that you can "fill in" tend to be overly descriptive (listing, for example, the name of a specific cemetery that may or may not exist in your city (particularly true if you are working out of, say, Arkham, where the cemeteries are fairly well defined by HPL). All in all, while the concept was useful, the execution was flawed. given that it only costs $2 to purchase this aid, not perhaps that big a problem, but still....

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Hard Boiled - Church and Funeral Documents
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