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Country House $0.00
Publisher: Three Fourteen Games
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/26/2010 13:02:08

This is another weird one from 314 Games. It purports to depict a "typical" country house from the period 1850 to the present. However it looks like no country house I've ever seen or heard of. It has bedrooms for 18, but their arrangement is odd, with some sleeping in the cellar and a very few on the first floor (with more floor space to each bedroom than some HOUSES have) and the rest up on the second floor. Note that they chose to use European floor numbering, so the ground floor is the one on the ground. The cellar, if one ignores the bedrooms (which can sleep eight) is laid out like an RPG'ers' dream with a large conference table in a room surrounded by chairs and another large table in large open area. The ground floor is mostly functional, though again, overly spacious, including, oddly enough, what appears to be a ballroom, and the first floor is similarly odd, including an enormous bathroom that contains two stand-alone tubs and a couple of sinks (no idea how the plumbing connects on this thing!) in what appears to be about half an acre of space (you could literally put 20 tubs in the space and rent the floor out as a bath-house) and what appears to be another ballroom! Guess this family loved to dance -- and with 18 people had plenty of partners! Maybe that explains the "bath" room; all that dancing will sure work up a sweat. This one is a good deal more useful than some of the other floor plans 314 has produced, and manages to avoid some of the glaring anachronisms in other products as well, but at well over 13,000 square feet, it seems more like some rich eccentric's country MANSION than it does a house, and frankly, even the huge mansions of yesteryear were more divided up into usable spaces than this thing is. Not a great effort, though, at 67 cents I don't feel like I got ripped off.

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Country House
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