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THRILLING TALES: Crimson Emperor, Chapter One $4.00
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/26/2010 15:00:08

This particular adventure is a bit different from the usual AE Thrilling Tales adventures on two counts. First, it can be played as either a stand-alone adventure, or as part of a five section "serial" adventure -- much like a Call of Cthulhu campaign in that regard. And second, the overtly political nature of this episode sets up some potentially interesting character conflict and some unusual situations for the players. While there is still plenty of fisticuffs and opportunities for mayhem and gun battles, the players' objective this time out is a little different in that they are expected to try and preserve the life of Senator Morrison, a popular (and populist) politician along the lines of Huey Long who seeks to become President of the United States. During this adventure, the players become involved through any one (or perhaps more than one) of a series of possible intros. The upshot of all of them is that the players seeming stumble on a plot more serious than the usual political shenanigans that occur around the time of Presidential elections and involves a plot to kill the Senator. This culminates in an exciting confrontation aboard a train carrying the Senator to his next campaign stop. While the adventure is fairly simple, it does include some opportunities for investigation and information gathering, and it lays out some of the key players in the serial in some detail. As a stand-alone adventure, this one is mainly good for an evening of relatively light play, as the introductory chapter to the serial, it sets the stage for more dangerous and exciting events to follow. While most AE adventures are written in entirely too linear a form, this one has some nice features allowing it to be played more loosely and giving the players more of a feel of being in control. One problem I noted with this adventure though is the lack of specific guidance to the GM. In several cases he is simply instructed to provide information in "some other way." Not perhaps conducive to a new GM running this one! Other than that however, it is a simple, easy adventure which as a stand-alone provides a good beginners scenario and as part of the serial, sets the stage for further adventure!

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THRILLING TALES: Crimson Emperor, Chapter One
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