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THRILLING TALES: Crimson Emperor, Chapter Two $4.00 $3.20
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/26/2010 15:21:43

The second part of the Crimson Emperor serial (or campaign, for those of you more used to that terminology) involves our heroes in following up some questions raised in the first part, along with the seemingly unrelated matter of the disappearance of Ms Simms, the girlfriend of a mobster killed in a recent hit. During this process they discover that some mysterious force has unified the two rival gangs in the city into cooperating together despite their long history of warring upon one another. As the adventurers unravel this puzzle, they become aware of the Scorpion Lady who is seemingly pulling their strings. Eventually, this leads to a confrontation which reveals the Scorpion Syndicate is but itself a pawn of a much larger threat in a far-away land. Along the way, the players will interrupt a drug smuggling attempt and learn the name of the Crimson Emperor while involving themselves in several gun battles in locations as diverse as a "night club" (nee brothel), a steamer, and a warehouse.

The adventure is well written, again with opportunities to do some research, plenty of action, a rescue (hopefully) of a damsel in distress, and lots of other fun, "pulpy" things to do. While somewhat linear in its nature, it should be possible for a clever GM to loosen up the order of events fairly easily. As before, with Chapter One, this one is written to either serve as a stand-alone adventure or as part of the serial. Chapter Two is more involved and complex than Chapter One was, and can serve as an excellent stand-alone adventure, especially for those whose games revolve more around crime fighting than esoterica. If played as part of the serial, the players now find themselves considered worthy foes by the Crimson Emperor and must seek to discover more about him and his machinations before it's too late.

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THRILLING TALES: Crimson Emperor, Chapter Two
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