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Kids, Castles & Caves $0.00
Publisher: Brave Halfling Publishing
by sean w. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/30/2010 21:04:01

I had a lot of fun playing a trio of adventures using KC&C. The rules are fast and easy to use and teach, using 1d6+ a mod or two vs. defense, @ the same for damage. My nephew ran a group of four adventurers on one sheet, and they all did their jobs in game. The cleric kept busy healing the party, the Dwarf and Knight whaled on monsters, and the Wizard zapped enemies with the magic missle. His younger brother could pop in with the Elf from time to time, and then wander off with his mini. You can use minis if you have some, or not.

I wouldn't say it's the ultimate rules lite D&D fantasy game, as it did kind of break down at the top (3rd level), but it was definitely fast and fun, and my nephew played it with his friends, using a couple copies over time, so it was a good intro game and value.

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Kids, Castles & Caves
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