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0one's Blueprints: Lizardfolk Settlement $1.95
Publisher: 0one Games
by Joe K. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/02/2011 16:33:59

It's hard to find fault with 0one's products. Weighing in at 26 pages and coming through a zipped download, the lizardfolk settlement has all of the standards. Each map includes a blue version and a black version. The product includes PDF technology that allows the user to turn on numbering, change the N position, turn the grids on or off, hide or reveal furniture, and other nifty bits.

This product includes seven maps; an overview and six maps that can be combined to form one larger map. Locations covered include the following; Gate and Slave Pen, Temple, Sorcerer's Hideout, Pyre Area, Royal Palace, and Hatchery. These also include some background elements and are system free so you can use them with any setting, although 4e with it's need for massive locations might require some elements to be joined together while older editions and different games will not.

If you're looking for flexibility and options, for less than the cup of a Starbucks coffe, 0one has you handled.

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0one's Blueprints: Lizardfolk Settlement
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