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Horrors of the GOW (PFRPG) Pay What You Want
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Aaron H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/10/2011 22:14:24

Horrors of the GOW is a vast collection of horror influenced content for Pathfinder based off Purple Duck Games setting Lands of GOW. It contains various entries such as new creatures, NPCs, magical items, and much more. This variance of material creates a full supplement that focuses on all aspects of creating a horror-styled adventure rather than individual bits-and-pieces. The overall effect is a great gathering of source material for all types of horror-infused uses ranging from a simple Halloween outing to a grand supernatural campaign.

I found the high mixture of content to be very beneficial for creating a true horror-inspired setting, adventure, or campaign. With the incorporation of new creatures, NPCs, magical items, prestige class, hexes, and more, any GM could take this supplement and expand upon it using the material as their main building blocks. The end result could be a truly horrific experience, light-hardy nighttime romp, or vicious group of undead that needs to be thwarted.

Horrors of the GOW is a great supplement for those looking to add more grit and darkness to their adventures. Even if you don’t want to place your players within the Lands of GOW, the content is presented so that all of the material can be placed within virtually any existing or unique setting.

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Horrors of the GOW (PFRPG)
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