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Moreau-1 Files (ICONS) $1.00
Publisher: Vigilance Press
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/17/2011 19:58:17

In "The Moreau-1 Files," Vigilance Press offers us a modern-day supervillain, the titular Moreau-1. He's a robotic bioengineering genius; if you read Marvel comics, think of a cross between Ultron and the High Evolutionary. Game stats, a detailed backstory, and a couple of adventure hooks make it easy for ICONS GMs to incorporate Moreau-1 into their own stories, even if not set in the Vigilance universe. The product also includes a briefer writeup on Erepato, one of Moreau-1's bio-engineered creations who could make a conflict with Moreau-1 very interesting from a role-playing point of view.

On the negative side, the product needs better proofreading, as it exhibits an uncomfortably high rate of misplaced or misused punctuation, grammatical errors, inconsistent spelling, and even missing ("a large weapons deal that bringing in") and misplaced words ("held for him ransom"). Furthermore, white text on colored backgrounds (especially the basic "paneled" background used throughout) and occasional inconsistencies in the typesetting (or errors in font embedding, perhaps) make reading difficult.

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Moreau-1 Files (ICONS)
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