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Horrors of the GOW (PFRPG) Pay What You Want
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/04/2011 07:34:35

This product is 28 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and Introduction. (3 pages)

The book is a collection of horror inspired things to enhance your game with.

Creatures (3 ½ pages) It starts with 3 new creatures. Black Suited man – Animated Corpse, Flying Spheroid – a flying metal construct sphere, Lurker – weaker Animated Corpse. All of these I believe was inspired by the movie Phantasm.

Cursed Item (1 ½ pages) Suriel's Witch Board – Basically it is a Weegie Board made into a DnD magic item. Except this one is cursed. I won't ruin the surprise on how and why it is cursed, but it is a pretty cool item.

Event (½ page) Night of Horrors, basically Halloween only not for kids. Due to the world setting of Gow, on this one night of the year, monsters are unbound by past agreements and may hunt as they see fit. They can kill any and all they want on this night, but they must follow three rules. 1) May not attack those wearing monster costumes. 2) May not attack anyone that gives them candy. 3) May not enter a house that has a Jack-O-Lateran on display.

Exhumed Monsters (4 ½ pages) These are all monsters from older 3.x sources gathered together that fit the theme and updated to Pathfinder. Blood Scarecrow – About what you would expect but very cool. Webbed Sentinel – Undead spider thing. Necroling – Tiny Undead. Very cool how they are created. Ragged Wraith – Special wraiths that raise after their bodies where desecrated.

Legendary Weapons (2 pages) Reaper's Scythe – It posses powers related to the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. This weapon is reprinted in the Legendary Weapons book 2 by Purple Duck Games.

Location (1 page) Black Stone – It is a magical black stone that can be placed anywhere in a game world with some dark magical powers about it.

Magical Incantation (1 1/2) The Vengeance – It creates a Phantasm Killer type effect. While not the same as the spell it is similar and very well done.

PrC (3 pages) Master of Life – This is a 10 level Alchemist PrC. D8, 2 skills, medium BaB, 2 good saves, +1 alchemist caster level per level. The special class abilities are bombs, undead resistance, some new discoveries about bringing the dead back as undead. It includes a sample character with the PrC. It is a very neat PrC, I like it a lot. Especially as a NPC villain, but it could make for a fun PC too.

Witch Hexes and Patrons (2 pages) There is 8 new witch Hexes and 1 new patron. Hex Sight – Can see another witches hexes if on people are things. Lame – Cause one of the targets legs to wither, hindering their movement. Curse of Ages – Makes a target age. Corpse Body – Makes the witch look like a old withered corpse. Spirit Whispers – Gains bonus to knowledge checks and spirits help the witch out. Know Past Wrongs – Can learn vague details of misdeeds of a target in the past 24 hours. Wasting – Makes a target slowly wither, waste away and die. Weapon Hex – Can for awhile give a weapon Bane, Keening, Vicious or Wounding ability. Vengeance Patron – A good spell list but I am not sure all the spells fit the list as good as they could have. I like the idea of the Patron and it is a solid spell list, I just think a more fitting one might have been had. It ends with a sample witch using some of the hexes and the patron.

Finally there is a new vampiric monster. It is a vampire template applied to a monster you wouldn't normally expect, I found it more amusing than anything. Not sure if that was the intent or not. (½ page)

It ends with a OGL (5 pages)

Closing Thoughts. I liked the product, while this is for the Gow setting most of it can be used with any setting with little to no work. Really the only thing that takes much work at all is some of the fluff mostly on the Halloween Night Event and the weapon. The art is varied in the book, some of it is photo's even. It is well done though and matched fairly well with stuff. The writing is pretty good, there was a couple of spots I had to stop and reread something to be sure I understood what the writer meant. But all and all it was well written. The layout was ok. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either.

I would have liked the layout to have been a bit more clear and more broken up. Like all the monsters in one section, the events, locations, magic items in another section and then class features in a third section. Minor issue but would have made the product better and easier to use. It is very print friendly other than the bit of art, it is black and white text with no border. The phantasm inspired stuff was well done but not really my thing, the rest of the book though I enjoyed. I would have liked the event section expanded, what their was, was neat. But it was such a nifty idea it really deserved more. The rest was well done and I have no complaints, my biggest issue was the layout. So whats my rating? I am going with a 4 star, it is good, but could have used some more polish.

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Horrors of the GOW (PFRPG)
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