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Altus Adventum 2nd Ed Rulebook
$9.00 $6.75
Publisher: Sacrosanct Games
by Erathoniel W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/05/2011 13:30:14

There is a lot I like about Altus Adventum, but ultimately it fails to stand out in any particular way.

The setting blends Western and Eastern fantasy, and generally touches on most everything. However, it doesn't feel particularly original, and while the rules are at least not a direct d20 system, they're a little more obtuse than would be nice, and needlessly complex.

The art is generally decent, but it feels like it's drawn from way too many places and at times there are pieces that could have used a quick once-over with blur so the lines aren't just pure black or pure white, which is something I'd really expect from an older book, and with better art mixed in it's unacceptable.

That said, for $9, you get a lot, but it's not specialized and focused. At least it does come with an example scenario, which is an often-overlooked feature.

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Altus Adventum 2nd Ed Rulebook
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