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Nitro Dice - Street Racing $9.95 $3.99
Publisher: Minion Games
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/24/2011 04:06:26

Why haven't you purchased this card game already? Nitro Dice is a brilliantly delivered game, that promises a ton of fun. The concept is very simple - race your D10s around the track, avoid obstacles and strategically place obstacles in your opponents way. The rules are a grand total of six pages, clear, concise and easy to learn. I'm going to have a copy on hand to use when our gaming group is waiting for everyone to arrive. It is a perfect, scalable game to fill in some time (whether that time is just before a game or a whole evening of beer and pretzels) and most importantly, have some fun.

Rent a copy of 'Fast and the Furious', grab a beverage of choice, and then play some Nitro Dice - I'll be very keen to see what Minion Games offers us next.

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Nitro Dice - Street Racing
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