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Daisho: Samurai Adventure $3.95 $3.00
Publisher: Deep7
by Alex W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/02/2011 16:08:19

All the rules on 1 page - well, kind of. There are a couple of supplemantary pages of "advanced"! rules. Daisho is a rules light RPG of swashbuckling samurai adventure which has almost no connection to historical Japan and takes its inspiration from bloodthirsty samurai movies where swiftness with a blade is more important than knowing the history of the shogunate or the intricacies of the tea ceremony.

And its none the worse for it - the game almost demands a breezy, devil-may-care approach. Everything is done off a single d6 roll, combat can be deadly but the game advises if your character bites the katana to simply roll up a new one and rejoin the adventure. You also get 6 adventure plots for your money of varying quality - the one about the secret ninja school is the best.

For the price even if you only play the game once you've gotten your moneys worth and you'll probably play more than that - a crisp little beer and pretzels rpg for when you need to scratch a Far Eastern itch.

[4 of 5 Stars!]