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Legendary Races: Cyclops (PFRPG) Pay What You Want
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/05/2011 21:47:41

Cyclops by Purple Duck Games

This product is 16 pages long. It starts with a credits and ToC. (1 pages)

Cyclops (3 ½ pages) This has information about them as a race, ecology etc. It has a new weapon as well. They are a 6 level class. At first level you apply the racial mods and the first level of the race. Then add a level each time you level up. At 6th level the PC will pretty much be just like a cyclops from the Bestiary, after that point they can take class levels in a class.

Half-Cyclops (3 pages) This section has all the information you need to make a half-Cyclops PC. They are a normal race like any other starting race. It talks about their roles with classes, racial options and new class options for them.

Thundercaster (1 ½ pages) This is a legendary weapon like those in Purple Duck Games Legendary weapons series. It does have a psionic power for the weapon. It has a spell version of the power for those that don't want to use psionic's.

Feats (½ page) There is 6 new feats in this section. Two are for the new weapon in the first section. Three are for the races in this book and one Historian is for Oracles, letting you use wisdom in place of Chr as your primary stat.

Oracle Mystery (1 ½ pages) This has a new Oracle Mystery of Foresight. It is mostly about seeing or predicting the future or related abilities.

Samples and Templates (3 pages) There is two sample characters a Cyclops and Half-Cyclops character in this section. One on the first page and one on the third. Between them for some reason is two new monster templates, God Scorned and Man Eater.

It ends with a OGL (2 pages)

Closing thoughts, the races are decent written. Though I wasn't a big fan of how they laid out the cyclops racial levels. I would have rather it been set up as a optional levels to be taken if one wanted to embrace their heritage or something. I suppose you could do it that anyways. The Half-Cyclops is better done I think, it seems well balanced against existing races. With the favored class options and traits it is a complete race ready for pathfinder game. The weapon was pretty good, not as good as most of the ones in the other books though. The feats where a bit meh honestly, the last one was the best. The mystery was pretty good, I think the best part of the book. The sample characters where ok and the two new templates where pretty good.

The art was black and white line art and pretty good. The layout at the end was a bit bad, with the templates being between the two sample characters. They really should have been in order. All and all it is worth picking up if you are interested in cyclops or really like the idea of the oracle mystery. I am giving this one a 3 star review. With the layout issue taken into account. It is a solid product, but could use a bit more polish.

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Legendary Races: Cyclops (PFRPG)
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