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The tomb of the Fallen Angel $0.00
Publisher: Lord Zsezse Works
by Nathan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/12/2011 21:14:06

This is a set of four locations, each made up of several pages that need to be printed and "assembled" - they need to be lined up and attached to thick card. Most of the page breaks run along walls or the edges of the 1 inch tiles, but there are a few places where the break is mid-tile which means you have to be extra careful when assembling. There is an amazing level of detail on each of these, with wonderful lighting effects that create a real sense of menacing dungeon. There are a couple of spots on the maps where columns obscure the tiles behind them, but this is not a huge problem, and if given the choice I would rather have the columns there. Overall, I am very impressed.

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The tomb of the Fallen Angel
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