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The Spirit of the White Wyvern - Game Pack $6.98
Publisher: 0one Games
by Cedric C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/14/2011 00:28:43

SPOILER Spirit of the White Wyvern is a timeline adventure set in a tavern. By timeline, I mean that certain events will happen during the period the party stays at the in. It's definitely a change from the usual "we go to the next room" location-based dungeon slogging of most adventures. The party wanders into a tavern, and is hired to drive out a ghost -- actually a red herring subplot for the real event, a settling of old scores between two old enemy organizations. Some of the side characters, including the ghost, are amusing, and the players get to have some combat in the end. While the adventure is officially for Pathfinder et al., the adventure is very easily adaptable to any adventure system of low-magic levels.

The adventure is accompanied by a black-and-white two story tavern map. The map's better than a wash-and-wipe board, but. if you have your own tavern map, you might as well use it for this adventure -- certainly you'll save printer ink. The adventure comes with black-and-white counters, but you're better off just using your own miniatures or tokens.

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The Spirit of the White Wyvern - Game Pack
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