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A Dungeon Dash: The Cult of Bane $0.00
Publisher: Kurt Sparkuhl Games
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/23/2011 00:36:56

Whilst ostensibly designed with the D&D 4e party in mind, the concepts in each module are quite transferable, whether you’re playing D6 Fantasy, Rolemaster (or even Earthdawn) – it all depends on how much extra work the GM wants to put in. The Dungeon Dash series are lightweight at only seven pages apiece and you really shouldn’t expect too much depth from them (they are free, after all). They remind me of the Dungeon magazine ‘Side Trek’ column, where a short encounter would be detailed and it was up to the DM to decide how to fit it into their campaign and what modifications were necessary. Each Dungeon Dash offers a small dungeon, a series of fully statted-out encounters and some story notes. They can form the basis of some excellent sessions, and the product boasts that you’ll get about four to five hours of gameplay from each. I think this is an exaggeration, unless your DM has planned well and fleshed out the module.

However, the ideas are good, and if you are looking for some filler for your campaign, I’d look no further.


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A Dungeon Dash: The Cult of Bane
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