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A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Quickstart PDF $0.00
Publisher: Green Ronin
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/23/2011 00:41:55

Green Ronin now gives you the opportunity to explore The Seven Kingdoms. For anyone not familiar with the books, they follow the political and social intrigue of a handful of noble houses in a time of great conflict and when an ancient evil is stirring in the north. HBO has the rights to turn this into a TV series, which launches in a few weeks. Each novel in the series will be a Season and Martin is heavily involved in production (which is why he’s obviously not working on his next book – much to the dismay of fans). The major themes of loyalty, honour, trust and family are easily recognisable to any fantasy fan. Whilst the system has a robust combat system (and bloody, costly battles can be easily integrated as part of a campaign) the focus is very much on the social aspects of the story. Thankfully, the designers have stayed true to the core concepts of the novel and given players and GMs the tools to tell lavish tales of intrigue and betrayal. It offers an interesting system of linked abilities, called Techniques, that allow a character to customise how their character interacts socially with the rest of the world.

‘Journey to King’s Landing’ is a well-written, engaging module that really does deliver on the promise to showcase what the game is all about and can easily be played over a few sessions. There are six characters to choose from and all of them really display one of the unique aspects of the world. The authors clearly spent a lot of time reading the novels and faithfully rendering them into an RPG.


[4 of 5 Stars!]