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Mage Noir $8.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Nathan H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/24/2011 00:20:15

A fantastic exploration of both the modern history of the Awakened (via the book's coverage of the 1940s) and of setting elements and themes that really drive home the noir elements for a mage game. Like "New Wave Requiem" (covering Vampire for the 1980s), the book is primarily a setting and thematic supplement, rather than a mechanics one, but the new Legacy within (a perfect choice for characters looking to embrace the era's themes of change and seeming helplessness, while very intentionally avoiding overwhelming those themes with the "power" of the Awakened) is a wonderful goody none the less. Also find within discussion of Mage philosophies governing the period, including which legacies are in ascendance for the various Pentacle Orders, as well as the anticipated reveal of the background on the Seer Pantechnicon Ministry!

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