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Mirrors: Infinite Macabre $5.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Seth W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/14/2011 12:41:39

A mostly well written and put together piece. I personally enjoyed how they gave you the tools to create your universe vs. actually doing it for you. And some of the solutions they provide for vampires and werewolves were stuff I would never have thought of myself.

The ship merit was a certain extent I came to the conclusion that they had to buy size before anything else because that is the one that's not so easily modifiable. The rest I can chock up to customization. Aside from that it makes it rather easy to create a NPC or military ships for a military campaign. Just translate dots to stats.

There was some incongruities about ship speed, the book goes on about traveling between galaxies and going 100,000 parsecs ((Without the use of the stygian gates)) but gave a ships speed of 5 less than 1/5th of lightspeed, a parsec being 3.3 lightyears, So any talk of galaxies I changed to systems.

Beyond that a very useful and well put together book and I enjoyed it thoroughly and really glad I pain the money to download it. Great for ideas people.

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Mirrors: Infinite Macabre
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