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Klick's End $6.56
Publisher: Nightfall Games
by Tim D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/15/2011 16:37:00

The second SLA Industries Threat Analysis briefing is quite different fare to the first. Rather than detailing a new species (the Ursa Carrien), Klick's End goes into disturbing detail about a particularly degenerate sector of Downtown.

Klick's End has a claustrophobic, diseased feel to it, somewhat like the hideous forgotten towns that H. P. Lovecraft made such good use of. The inhabitants are clannish, hostile, casually violent, and always in need of a fun diversion -- torturing and then butchering a squad of hapless Operatives, for example. The briefing goes into detail about the sector: its physical state, the nature of the locals, what passes for entertainment, the various grudging retail outlets, assorted crime operations in the area, and The Quartet, the unsettling warlords who control the place. There are also a set of NPC profiles, details of new weapon and armour, and suggestions for four different ways that Klick's End could be brought into a game, including a detailed BPN.

For all that, perhaps the most unsettling aspect of the entire briefing is the revelation of a new addition to SLA's corporate structure -- the Moral Rights Division. SLA claims to be concerned with the rising tides of immorality on Mort... can that be the truth? Either way, a new repressive (and possibly even proto-fascist) SLA Department is sure to concern Operatives of all stripes.

The briefing is written and illustrated by Dave Allsop, so it doesn't get any more pure SLA than this. It's great stuff; absorbing text and gorgeously vivid art, all wrapped in the lavish Nightfall design and layout values that you'd expect. Klick's End comes across vivdly as an impressively horrible place, teeming with potential to really challenge and unnerve PCs. It's great value for money, but frankly it would be worth it just to get the inside scoop on the outrageously-named new Pigotry skill.

TL,DR: Top Notch. (sic).

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Klick's End
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