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2e Adventure Tiles: Dungeon Expansion 01 $5.99
Publisher: SkeletonKey Games
by Walter J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/20/2011 14:08:46

I have a lot of Skeleton Key's tile sets. I use them in face to face games and in games I play over the Internet. Over the last few years most of Skeleton Key's tile sets can be divided into two types: a) Deliberately bland tile sets made for general use and reuse. b) Less bland tile sets with more details but less reuseablity.

This bring us to 2e Dungeon Tiles Expansion 01. This seems to be a compromise set with half the tiles bland and generic and then mirrored variants of the same tiles with great deal of detail. As far as art, the tiles all do what the artist wanted so the art is very good. The real question for a purchaser is do you want a set that is half generic in the 2e ink friendly style and half colored detailed? There are nine colored tiles and nine generic tiles in the 2e ink friendly (no black room border) style as well as two transitions to the older Adventure Tile sets.

My advice to a prospective buyer is look carefully at the product preview to understand what you are getting so you won't be buying something you don't want. This is a great set if you want both types of tiles. However, like most expansion sets this is not a good set to get if this is your first tile set. My rating assumes you want both types of tiles.

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