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Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Michael M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/28/2011 14:59:42

Great Scott, man!  I am glad I bought the Enforcer.  SGG's design philosophy echoes very closely what I have been saying for years concerning the mass demand that firearms be incredibly lethal in an RPG – everything is lethal! Caveat – I have read through the rules, but my group hasn't played a session using them yet.

19th-century classics like Edgar Rice Burroughs. Jerry Pournelle's “Jannissaries” and Co-Dominium books. Joel Rosenberg's “Once A Hero” books. Bruce Sterling's “Dies The Fire” series. Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, the old D&D cartoon – even the origins of D&D itself. A modern-day warrior being stuck in a primitive setting is a recurring theme visited by writers and gamers alike.

I've been puttering about with the D20 Modern stuff, looking at what needs updating to keep it as close to a standard Pathfinder game as possible, but I'm a raw novice when it comes to game design.  I had no idea how I was going to deal with guns and CMB/CMD, just that it needed to be there.  SGG showed me how they interact.  Recoil?  Genius!  I used to play GURPS and I am an enthusiastic shooter and former Marine - so I knew recoil should be in there and could be in there.  How was I going to make it work?  Well, now I know.

Without having actually played using them yet, I think the SGG firearms rules are what I have been after. They follow the core Pathfinder combat system. Firearms now have a legitimate range. Their damage doesn't feel excessive. Special rules for firearms are minimal, which means you don't have to relearn how to play your game.

The scope of the book is to provide a way for a modern-day warrior to be handled in a traditional fantasy setting. I believe this intent was thoroughly realized. SGG has provided a solid class with four archetypes that cover modern-day warrior concepts and are designed to interact seamlessly with SGG's other archetype books. Several new combat maneuvers and feats are included for handling firearms combat and the typically unarmored nature of most “gun-fighters.”

“The Enforcer” wraps up with a look at “Progress Levels” - a virtual necessity in a book whose title includes the word “Anachronistic.” While brief (sci-fi levels are definitely beyond the scope of this product), the pages discussing P/Ls give a GM plenty of guidelines with which to work.

“The Enforcer” presents eighteen pages of solid content and artwork that was appropriate and attractive. I felt as though I had a Battletech or WEG Star Wars book in my hands. (that's high praise from me) Examples and designer notes keep you on-track and help you understand how the book is supposed to work and are much appreciated.

I have a couple of hitches about the firearms rules, probably due to a lack of examples. The equipment chart on p11 lists “sight” and “laser sight” under Accessories. Since the chart lists “+ # feet,” I assume they extend the weapon's range increment. (but the note is in the Damage column rather than the Range column?) I know what a laser sight is, but I'm at a loss as to what a “sight” is that extends a weapon's range. My only other concern is I don't really seem to understand the “Unload” maneuver. (note to self – email SGG so they can straighten me out) I'm sure I'm missing something simple.

If you want Pathfinder rules for modern firearms, this book is a very good choice. The rules are, overall, consistent with the Core rules and easy to understand. The special rules are clearly described and explained (other than the above minor issues).

Final word - this product is a (yet another) sterling example of why I am willing to buy a product with the name "Owen K. C. Stephens" listed as a contributor/designer/developer.  :thumbsup: I'm definitely looking forward to the next “Anachronistic Adventurer” release.

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Anachronistic Adventurers: The Enforcer
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