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e-Adventure Tiles: Dungeons Vol. 4 - Small Chambers
Publisher: SkeletonKey Games
by Michael T. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/03/2011 06:01:08

This set of tiles is the terminus of all the other dungeon crawling sets. These are the small rooms where so many impractical combats take place. With the reintroduction of miniature gaming to Dungeons & Dragons, size of rooms matter, and the practicality of printer paper necessitates a certain size of room. The challenge is that this also means a certain size monster can fit in said rooms.

The biggest rooms in this set are four squares wide and long. These are clearly meant for medium and large humanoids, because there's doors on all the rooms. Some could be bedrooms, offices or reception areas; others are guard posts; some look like prison cells. The problem is that some of these rooms are so small their applicability to an actual tile-based combat is unlikely.

The tiles are certainly useful, but more modern dungeons no longer create such small rooms even though they might be realistic because of the miniature constraints. These e-Tiles will accurately provide all kinds of doors, alcoves, and rooms – but it might get awful cramped.

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e-Adventure Tiles: Dungeons Vol. 4 - Small Chambers
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