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Rapture: The End of Days. Theological Sci-Fi Horror Core Rules $14.95
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Hero A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/04/2011 15:31:09

First point - brilliant setting idea and a great use of survival horror tropes. Second point - a nice simple (and much needed after combat) experience system. Third point - I'm a sucker for rules lite, character driven games, and this delivers, especially for large combat. Fourth point - fear rules, best I've seen in ages, an advantage in fight/flight but a serious problem with anything else.

General points - I've not yet Gm'ed this but have discussed points with players and they are keen, just mentioning the basic concept of the game world seems to get people interested.

THE BAD - no printer friendly version. The white text on black background is great for tablets but of no use when you want to print out pages for quick references. Yes, paper is so last century but I don't want to hand over my 'master copy' for players to see equipment rules when they could sneak a peek at something I don't want them to see. Seeing as StoryWeaver have packed so much into this bundle, a print version friendly edition of the game is a bit of an oversight. This loses it a point for grading.

Overall - As a Gm, I can see much fun with this setting and rules system. I particularly like the rules surrounding extra's for extra dice and for experience. It has a polished look which will be great in book or tablet form but ignores print friendly needs, such as character sheets and item lists

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Creator Reply:
Good point on the print friendly version. We've seen the market move rapidly away from print yourself versions - especially for larger works like Rapture. The Benefits of going ebook format are just too compelling, so we put all our design effort into that format. Still, if you think it's needed, then it is. (The customer is always right!) I'll get to work on a print friendly version over the next month. Stay tuned for black and white, paper-gobbling madness!