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Privateers and Pirates
$8.95 $7.16
Publisher: FJ Gaming
by Steven M W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/04/2011 18:03:37

Tough review in all honesty. The game system itself deserves four stars at least, maybe five, but I find the inaccuracies in historic and nautical detail inexcusable. The game is fast moving, well thought out and quite playable. The character generation process is quick, intuitive and results in interesting characters. The combat system is fun and can be bloody lethal!

But the mizzen is not "the aft of the ship;" "anchors aweigh" has NOTHING to do with "throwing the anchor over the side;" the royals are set above the topgallants, not the other way around; there was no rank of "lieutenant commander" during the time covered; "fore" and "bow" are not interchangable; schooners are not "two masted with the foremast shorter than the aft;" square rigged does not mean "the sails at the front are square." And it just goes on.....

Given the proliferation of nautical lexicons available today this unfortunate tendancy to inaccuracy was avoidable and, therefore, quite lamentable.

Otherwise, the game is quite good and highly recommended!

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Privateers and Pirates
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