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30 Character Motivations $5.00 $3.75
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/05/2011 17:19:38

30 Character Motivations by Adamant Entertainment

This product is 12 pages long. It starts with a cover. (1 pages)

Introduction (2 pages) This explains what they are, how to use them and then gives two examples. It is suggested each character only be allowed a single motivation.

Motivations (8 pages) Each motivation has a positive and negative version of them. Both version give the character bonuses to stuff, just different things. The ones included are as follows. There is also one new feat. Controlled, grants you a bonus to go against your motivation. Honorable / Unscrupulous Brave / Cowardly Concerned / Apathetic Accepting / Contemptuous Chaste / Lustful Forgiving / Vengeful Compassionate / Cruel Dutiful / Rebellious Just / Partisan Generous / Avaricious Ambivalent / Envious Amorous / Despising Loyal / Treacherous Modest / Proud Honest / Deceitful

It ends with a OGL. (1 pages)

Closing thoughts. The layout and editing are ok, the artwork is color and fair. The pages have a gray jagged torn parchment look. Which looks nice but makes it less print friendly. As for the motivations for the most part they match pretty well to what you would expect. Some I disagreed with but all and all not bad. Let me say I like the idea of this product. Now with that said I did have a few issues. One the negatives are helpful too. I kinda would have rather them have more negative aspects to them. Also they are not really balanced I thought some of them was much stronger than some of the others. The weak ones I would say is worth a feat likely. The strongest though I would say is worth three feats. Such as one of them gives you a +2 luck bonus to all saves.

So I liked the idea but felt it needs some work and I would have liked to have seen it done slightly differently. Maybe for each positive motivation you had to take a negative one to counter balance it. I think that would have been better personally. All and all it's not but a bit pricey. So if the idea interest you it is worth picking up. So what's my rating? I am going to have to give it a 3 in the end. It is a neat idea and the RPing idea's it helps provide and character fleshing out I felt was worth half a 3 star.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

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