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Afterpeak Systemless Setting $8.00
Publisher: Point of Insanity Game Studio
by Naomi B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/05/2011 18:54:58

I love this concept. It is very broad and open to interpretation which is exactly what I was looking for. Like another reviewer stated, this concept does not include nuclear holocaust but does have magic. I have several characters who all want to play together: a GURPS Wiccan lone practitioner, a HarnWorld borderlord, a D&D scout and a Curse of the Moon werewolf! With this concept I can use the Veil (as the revenge of Gaia)coming through on the Mayan 2012 date, set it on a Y2K abandoned farm, make the werewolf afflicted, put everybody back to novice level and watch the fur fly (on and off the table)! Wonderful!

I would have liked a few more pictures of the beastiary but, since I won't be using most of them, it won't really matter.

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Afterpeak Systemless Setting
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