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Rapture: The End of Days. Theological Sci-Fi Horror Core Rules $14.95
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Devon K. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/06/2011 20:10:29

Ah, Rapture! Several weeks ago a friend told me about this game, and I promptly forgot about it until I saw it floating around here on DriveThru. The premise is very religious in nature. God has returned and taken the righteous unto him, and cleansed the Earth by fire. And only the Earth. Man's outworld colonies and expansion efforts were of, apparently, no interest to him. As Earth served as the communications hub for all of Man's endeavors, everyone is instantaneously plunged into a communications blackout, without any idea as to what is going on. This premise is very interesting and provides a lot of ideas and problems to explore. The rules are very simple and are very easy to get the hang of. Creating your PC is a simple and quick task. Yet, for it's simplicity, some of the things that define your character will make for extremely interesting PC/PC interaction. With each PC having a differing religious view and/or political allegiance, the possibility for amazing fireworks is unlimited. The layout of the book was good, although the white text on black background made me go cross-eyed for the first few pages until my eyes got used to it. Also, the text was rife with spelling and grammar errors. However, these are extremely minor complaints and I don't feel that they detract from the book or the game much, if at all. This book is a quick read and the material is well presented and easy to understand. Despite it's flaws, I think this is a great game with a great setting and a good presentation!

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Rapture: The End of Days.   Theological Sci-Fi Horror Core Rules
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