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Wild West Cinema rulebook $14.95 $5.95
Publisher: Spectrum Games
by Darren M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/21/2011 05:26:11

Having played Wild West Cinema list night for the 1st time we found this game a blast tp play. We run though the included adventure 'The Gatling Decision' . My Players taking the parts of 'The Percher man' , 'The Indian Outcast' and 'The Drifter'

I was the GM and found I had a lot less work to as the players make all the rolls. The players quickly got into the spirit of the game ham'ing up they particular archetype for all they were worth. A great time was had by all. High recommended easy to run system that does not suffer in game play for being so.

just add chow and ammo !

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Wild West Cinema rulebook
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